Annyeong :)

My name is Shin Hyun Hyo^^

you can call me Hyun Hyo or Hyunnie^^

I'm Shin Yeongi fans :) Hope you like with Shin Yeong's photos!

Thank you! ^^
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daily song 475. (:

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Super Junior - 환절기 (Mid-season)

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I hold out my hand, I loudly call out to you

But it fades away at the pouring rain

After holding back, you fall again in my heart

When will the tears stop?


Raining Spell for Love [Super Junior] (via callyyeung)


Super Junior - Raining Spell For Love

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Super Junior’s “MAMACITA” MV surpasses 10 million views!


imageThe music video for Super Junior’s hit song “MAMACITA” has surpassed 10 million views on YouTube!

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Just heard the new Super Junior song - “Mamacita” and I like it :D
Day 12 of #LifeWorthLiving

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daily song 482. (:

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